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TuNed possesses an extensive network in Tunisia, within the government as well as in trade and industry. We can support entrepreneurs along the whole route from establishing the necessary contacts up to realizing complete production units, including the logistics to your markets.

TuNed is an initiative of a group of entrepreneurs, all of them experienced in the field of economic partnership between Tunisia and the rest of the world. They joined forces and operate from their own offices in the Tunisian capital and in Amsterdam. Not only do we know our way into Tunisian society, but – more importantly – we did establish an excellent reputation in the country thanks to our philosophy, based on the creation and upholding of lasting win-win situations. As far as our Western clients are concerned we can – acting as reliable business partners – help them to realize profitable transactions and projects in Tunisia. In this respect custom-made solutions always are our focus. As far as our Tunisian partners are concerned we’re constantly aiming at contributing to the strengthening of national economy and business through the creation of employment as well as the reinforcement and expansion of trade and industry.





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